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Helping successful people succeed.

  • Reconciling bank and credit card statements.

  • Accounting for tax preparation to afford the greatest benefits available.

  • Banking, Deposits, Transfers, and Wires.

  • Budgeting and Planning.

  • Manage business payables.

  • Generate invoices.

  • Reconcile accounts.

  • Create financials for profit and loss tracking.

  • Vendor payments, including household service providers.

  • Insurance consulting.

  • Payroll consulting for office and home staff.

  • Accounts payable and receivable.

  • Insurance reviews.

  • Quickbooks.

  • Manage bill payments.

  • Coordinate with artists, agents, managers, promoters, etc.

  • Verify deposits, performance and/or engagement balances are received.

  • Band and crew payments.

  • Tour Accounting.

  • Royalty payment verification.

  • Merchandise payment accounting.

  • International tax form filings.e.: 8802,6166, and TAJA1.

  • Coordinate with international tax specialists, promoters, and agents.

I love the boutique type approach LJR offers. Lisa gives you such personalized attention and service. She is always reachable and ready to actively listen to your needs and pay close attention to the details. She’s on top of things and is all ways one step ahead of my thoughts and needs. I will never be at a big corporate type business management firm again. 


I would look no further than Lisa at LRJ Management . She is part of our neighborhood, very talented and trustworthy . I've been using her my business and personal bookkeeping needs and couldn't be more happier!


Eliza Parker

Temperature Control Corp.

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